Sunflower Festival of Ligao City

Legend has it that Ligao was once a verdant forest cradled by huge Ticao trees and is a habitat of enchanted beings and led by five noble datus. There were many versions of the stories told by generations to generations as well as the reasons why the locality was known to be Ligao. One is the detour called Licau, used by merchants during the flooding of the main routes. Another more contemporary version is about Mirasol, one of the many beautiful maidens in the pueblo attracting suitors or manliligaw from near and far pueblos alike.

In our present world where ancient truths are now legends. We continue to thrive, resilient as we are, blooming in adversity.

Mirasolis now the name of a flower, commonly referred to as sunflowerwhich blooms in our locality. This flower is our symbolism of the more than four hundred years of faith through the intercession of Saint Stephen, deacon and Protomartyr, for the resiliency amidst the multitude of calamities, for the hope that there is a better tomorrow, and for the love that beats pride in our hearts.

The festival is interpreted with a colourful cultural tapestry with resounding music with focal point on Legends of the Sunflower City of Ligao and the progress it has achieved through its people.