With the City’s Social Welfare and Development programs, the social welfare of the residents is being ensured. Most of these programs are slanted towards family and women welfare. One of which is the Family-Based Actions for Children and their Environs in the Slum or FACES. Through the FACES Project, beneficiaries were provided with basic needs, livelihood opportunities and necessary trainings. Recently, there are a total of 80 families serviced by the Project.

The City Government also attends to concerns of mothers through advocacy forums and information dissemination about health and nutrition. They offer counseling to those in disturbed states and difficult situations like those that were sexually abused, as well as the single parents.

Aside from the programs geared towards women empowerment, there are also programs on senior citizen, person with disabilities, and the youth. Recently, the City Government distributed a total of 92 wheelchairs; 25 of which were given to children with cerebral palsy, while the remaining 72 wheelchairs were granted to adults with disability. In addition, the City Government hosts a program granting them free eye and ear treatments. An estimate of 630 PWDs every month are given such treatments. There were also 272 PWDs who were granted free eye operation, just this year.

Another improvement in the Social Welfare sector of the City is the establishment of day care centers in 55 barangays. Day Care Centers are accepting an estimate of 2,539 pupils every year. Such great number is being accommodated because of the maintenance of existing Day Care Centers and establishment of new ones. To date, there are a total of 80 Day Care Centers in the City and 80 day care workers. This number exceeded the minimum one-is- to- one ratio requirement of the Barangay Level Total Development and Protection of Children Act (RA 6872) of 1990.