Ligao’s Electric power requirement is being provided by Albay Power and Energy Corporation (APEC) with a sub-station in Barangay Dunao, Ligao City. All the city’s 55 barangays already have electric power. The City Government is also doing its share in the electrification program by expanding and extending the supply of electricity from the barangay center to the remotest sitios and puroks.

A recent LGU survey shows that a total of 11,889 or 69.8 percent of households are with electrical connection while 5,142 or 30.2 percent are without. A greater proportion of urban households (89.6% or 4,329) have electricity as compared to their rural counterparts (62% or 7,560).

Development Needs

Several barangays remain without electrical supply impeding economic progress and hampering the improvement of people’s standard of living. Cognizant of the importance of electricity, the City Government is even planning to contribute to the cost of extending electricity lines from barangay centers where power can be tapped to un-electrified sitos or puroks within the barangays. With power, people will have access to communications and lighting in the evening which can improve standards of living. Also, with power the residents can be able to use tools and devices to enable them to enhance their skills and be more productive thus contributing to the alleviation of poverty and economic development.

Goals and Objectives

  • To have an efficient power supply system in the City.

  • To provide safe and efficient power supply by rehabilitating electrical power lines;
  • To provide adequate and dependable power supply to the City’s increasing population; and
  • To ensure sufficient power capable of meeting the demands of the rapidly expanding commercial and agro-industrial sectors in the City.

  • Extension of power distribution lines to un-electrified sitios and other areas within the Barangays; and
  • Encourage private sector participation in providing adequate power supply and distribution throughout the City.