Being largely agricultural, Ligao still has considerable arable areas. Previous data show that, as of 2002, there were eight irrigation systems servicing around 1,950 hectares of irrigated lands. Three of the eight irrigation systems have concrete canal lining (34.789 kms.) and are to be rehabilitated under the InfRES project. This signifies potential strength for rice production, and even other crops. In addition, these irrigation systems can still be further expanded and improved by appropriately tapping the City’s river systems.

Development Needs

Since farming is the major industry and represents about 44 percent of the economic activities in Ligao, the need to have adequate water is important, especially for growing rice, the staple food . Traditional as well as modernized rice cropping still relies on water for productivity. Likewise, in other crops, high yield will require adequate water supply especially during the dry seasons.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide an adequate water and efficient irrigation system for the agricultural sector of the City.To protect the ecosystem and the health and welfare of the people from threats of water based contamination and pollution

  • To optimize the utility and capacity of existing irrigation systems in support of agricultural progress and development;
  • To rehabilitate existing irrigation infrastructure and develop new sources of water for agriculture ; and
  • To intensify the implementation of the Comprehensive Water Resource Development
  • Program for more rationalized use of water focusing on quantity and quality of water for various purposes, including for agriculture

  • Rehabilitate existing irrigation infrastructure and develop new sources of water for agriculture ;
  • Coordinate with various agencies in the improvement of irrigation systems; and
  • Promote rationalized use of water .