As a city aspiring to revive aquaculture industry, the City Government of Ligao believes that the establishment of a multi-species marine hatchery in Ligao will significantly contribute to the breeding, rearing and increasing number of quality marine species, thus will ease and improve the life of our fisher folks.

The idea of establishing the marine hatchery emanated from the House of Representatives, when Cong. Fernando Vallejo Gonzalez of the Third District of Albay filed the House Bill No. 672 which proposed the creation of the hatchery

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law the Republic Act No. 10950 which establishes a multi-species marine hatchery in the City of Ligao. The newly-enacted law states that the marine hatchery will be constructed under the supervision of the Bureau of Fisheries of the Department of Agriculture (BFAR-DA) and after two years, the management shall be transferred to Ligao City through a Memorandum of Agreement.

In addition, the multi-species marine hatchery will pave way to the development of coastal areas not only in Ligao City but also in its nearby municipalities: Libon, Pioduran and Oas.