Ligao’s economy is anchored on agriculture. InfRES survey results revealed that 43.62 percent of respondents were engaged in farming such that about four out of ten household have agriculture as their source of livelihood. Laborers form the second largest employment group. These are those who are engaged in farm labor (hired on contractual bases) or those who are working on construction projects. Employment is the third largest and it is presumed that government agencies are the largest employers of this group. Lesser proportions of those surveyed were engaged in trading, fishing, and overseas employment.

Average family income and expenditure vis-à-vis Poverty Level

Half of the total household population of the City earns an annual income of P25, 000 while only nine percent earned a living of at least P100, 000 annually. The median annual household income in the City is calculated to be P27,427.00 in 2006. This is below national, regional, and provincial poverty thresholds in 2006 which was P74,845.00.