Welcome to Ligao!

Through the years, Ligao City and its industrious people has consistently risen to the demands of progress, working hard to earn a place of pride among the cities of Albay and the Bicol Region. Primarily an agricultural town, the local government and the citizenry strives to attain economic and social sustainability without sacrificing the idyllic, lush environment that makes Ligao a truly livable city.

We intend to achieve a harmonious balance between our aspirations as an eco-tourism destination of note in the region and an emerging commerce and trade emporium. After all, Ligao is home to the majestic Mayon Volcano, natural hills, caves, lakes, waterfalls, pristine beaches and more. It is home to the Kawa-Kawa Natural Park, which panoramic views and life-sized “Way of the Cross” sculptures on the distinctive caldera summit gained increasing prominence as a pilgrim destination. A sunflower farm complements our eco-tourism development efforts, in keeping with our Sunflower City status.

The wonders of the city never cease, as there are places yet to be explored;  a potential for growth yet to be tapped; a citizenry bound to the bounty of the earth, filled with pride in a way of life that respects and appreciates nature but is also open to progress. I invite you to discover Ligao and learn all about our beloved city and its many attractions.

We regard Ligao as a place “Where Good Things Happen.” Our city is open to you – our constituents; future investors, business and community members; homecoming kababayans and travelers. Let the good things happen to you… and let it happen in Ligao.

Ligao is a city “Where Good Things Happen.” We at the City Government of Ligao strive to make this possible, with transparency and accountability.

L Livelihood (job creation and generate employment opportunities)
I Infrastructure Development (provide necessary infrastructure support facilities)
G Good Governance (efficient and timely delivery of basic quality social and economic services)
A Agriculture Development (improved farmers’ income thru increased productivity and easy access to credit and marketing facilities)
O Optimum Social Services Delivery (affordable & greater access to health, education & social welfare services and facilities)
C Climate Change, Adaptation & Mitigation (environmental management & conserve bio-diversity)
I Investment (attract more investors to locate in the City)
T Tourism & Transportation (tap private sector to develop tourist spots; put in place effective transport system)
Y Youth & Sports Development (youth empowerment)

    • Exercise general supervision and control over all programs, projects, and activities of the City Government.
    • Enforce Laws and Ordinances pertinent to the effective governance of the City.

    • To formulate policy guidelines relative to the efficient and effective implementation of all the programs, projects, and activities of the City Government and shall be responsible to the Sangguniang Panlungsod.
    • To direct the implementation of the City plans and projects as indicated in the Annual Investment Plan.
    • To provide financial assistance to the National Government Agencies and other LGU’s.
    • To deliver public assistance services to all marginalized constituents, farmers, fisherfolks, out-of-school youths, disadvantage women, disabled and elderly folks.
    • to support Gender and Development programs, project and activities as well as Culture and Arts Development activities.

Org. Structure

1 City Local Government Transition Team
2 Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) Form of the City of Ligao
3 Creating the Inventory Committee of the City of Ligao and Prescribing their Duties and Functions
4 Appraisal and Dispose Committee of the City of Ligao and Prescribing their Duties and Functions
5 Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) and Its Secretariat of the City Government of Ligao Pursuant to the Provisions of R.A 9184, Otherwise known as the Government Procurement Reform Act and Its Revised Implementing Rules and Regulation
6 Re-Organizing the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC)
7 Technical Working Group (TWG) and the Joint Inspection Team (JIT) to Streamline the Implementation of Business Permits and Licensing System (BPLS) Reforms in Ligao City
8 City Task Force Kabarangay ko, Tabangan kong Iwasan ang Droga (KATAID)
9 The City Price Coordinating Council For The Purpose Of Monitoring Prices Of Basic Necessities And Prime Commodities And Coordinating The National, Regional And Provincial Price Coordinating Councils Then Its Implementing Agencies For The Protection Of Consumers Against Illegal Acts Of Price Manipulation.
10 Committee on Anti-Trafficking and Violence Against Women and their Children (VAWC)
11 City Nutrition Committee  (CNC)
12 >Designation of GINA R. DAVID, City Treasurer as the Local Economic and Investment Officer of the City of Ligao (LEIPO)
13 City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council Under RA 10121
13-A Creation of Ligao City Governance Transition Team
14 Gender and Development Focal Point
15 City Solid Waste Management (SWM) Board
16 City Local School Board of the City of Ligao
17 City Blood Council (CBC)
18 City for the Protection of Children (CCPC)
19 Executive-Legislative Agenda Team (ELA TEAM) and designating the composition of the ELA Team
20 City Development Council (CDC)
21 City Aids Council (CAC)
22 Committee on Housing and Resettlement of the City Government of Ligao
23 Re-organizing the City Development Council Sectoral/Functional Committees
24 Re-Organizing the Solid Waste and Management SWM Technical Working Group TWG of the City of Ligao
25 Re-organization of the Peace and Order Council
26 Creation of the Project Implementation Unit PIU OF Ligao City in Concurrence with the Requirements Stipulated by People’s Survival Fund (R.A 10174,s.2011)
27 Reconstituting the City Project Monitoring Committee (CPMC) in the City of Ligao and It’s Secretariat