The promotion of the development, growth, and viability of cooperatives as instruments of equity, social justice and economic development through the adoption and formulation of integrated and comprehensive plans and programs for cooperative development in line with the national cooperative development plans.


A cooperative sector enjoying equity, social justice and economic development thru provision of support and services that will hasten their total development.


To assist cooperatives to achieve their social and economic development by providing them with innovative interventions and techniques that will facilitate the attainment of quality life for of its members.

Organizational Outcome

Viable and cohesive cooperatives effectively and efficiently managing their business.


1. Marginalized sectors file request for the implementation of the program 10 mins. CCDO/LCE
2. Secures approval of LCE for the inclusion of the group/areas/barangay 30 mins. CCDO
3. Conducts orientation to prospective group/barangay of the policies, rules, and regulations of the program 4 hrs. CCDO/STAFF
4. Facilitates submission of documents for the micro-lending assistance with the following requirements:

a. Project Proposal

b. Certificate of Eligibility

c. Beneficiary Profile

d. Barangay Clearance

e. Cedula

1 day CCDO
5. Evaluates the project proposals and recommends the same to the LCE for approval 30 mins. CCDO
6. Submits the approved project proposal to CSWDO for evaluation of project beneficiaries’ eligibility to the program 10 mins. CCDO/STAFF
7. Forwards the approved project proposals to City Budget Office, City Accounting Office and City Treasurer’s Office 4 hrs. CCDO Staff

Ligao Participatory Governance for Social, Economic, and Enterprise Development Program (LPG-SEED Program)

In June 2004, Former Mayor Linda Passi-Gonzalez envisioned a citizenry that is educated, healthy, productive, morally upright, and peace-loving, with the end in view of producing empowered citizens as future partners of the government in progress and development.

Former Mayor Gonzalez conceptualized the Ligao Participatory Governance for Social, Economic, and Enterprise Development Program or the LPG-SEED.

It is a strategy in empowering and enhancing people’s capacity using a holistic approach through an innovative community-based program that provides for venues and opportunities for participation in the government, in programs and projects on poverty alleviation.

The LPG-SEED aims in capturing the whole perspective of comprehensive development, taking into consideration the existing intervention programs already in place under the past administration to be integrated with new innovations on intensification and enhancement program under the new administration.

LPG-SEED program’s holistic approach to program implementation maximizes the resources for a common goal that is to reduce poverty incidence by 50% in 2015, at least, in the respective communities of the thousands of LPG-SEED beneficiaries.

The LPG-SEED Program started with the creation of the LPG-SEED Technical Working Group including the following agencies:

  • City Social Welfare and Development Office
  • City Health Office
  • City Engineering Office
  • City Environment and Natural resources Office
  • City Agriculture Office
  • City Planning and Development Office; and
  • Office of the City Mayor

On January 13, 2005, Executive Order No. 01, 2005 was signed by the Chief Executive organizing the LPG-SEED Project Team, defining its functions and providing appropriations for its pre-implementation phase of operations.

The pre-implementation phase was for a period of six months and during said period, the team underwent a three-day Team Building/Capability Building Seminar to equip them with the needed knowledge-attitude-skills for the program implementation.


The TBHP is a lending program of the City Government where tricycle operators are extended loan assistance for the purchase of their 4-stroke unit motorcycle to replace their 2-stroke unit. It is a program that seeks to contribute to the attainment of the goals and objectives of RA 8749 (Clean Air Act) and City Ordinance No. 2012-007, an ordinance Regulating Tricycle-for-Hire Using Carbureted 2-stroke Engine in the City of  Ligao. Its ultimate goal is to have clean air for the people and to increase the income of tricycle operators.

The program  started in 2012, requiring them to use 4-stroke motorcycle unit. At the time 123 out of 744 units have 2-stroke engine units that has to be replaced. The City Government under the governance of then Mayor Linda P. Gonzalez devised a Special Program dubbed as TBHP where qualified a loan assistance, with maximum amount of P70,000.00 to be used solely for the purchse of a 4-stroke unit and to be paid on a daily installment of P100.00 until the total amount is paid.

As of this date, TBHP has a total of  149 recipients; 113 replaced their 2-stroke with 4-stroke units while the 36 units were replace for their old dilapidated 4-stroke units (10 years old and above) . The total project cost is P9,401,617.00 with a repayment rate of  102.32%. Ligao City has 737 registered tricycle units for hire, and with the implementation of TBHP, all these 737 units has 4-stroke unit. Surely, this has contributed to the lowering of the carbon emission especially in the poblacion area and increasing the income of the beneficiaries due to reduced in maintenance cost of their new unit.