To provide technical assistance to the Local Chief Executive in the preparation and execution of the City Budget and to the Local Sanggunian in the review of barangay budget.


The City Budget Office, being the financial planner of LGU embraces various reforms in the budget process, committed to ensure a hardworking humble, prudent, God-fearing workforce and committed to serve with highest degree of honesty and professionalism. 


To vigorously advocate the principle of good governance with emphasis on participation approach in planning and budgeting as the key to attain fiscal discipline allocative efficiency and effective utilization of resources.

Organizational Outcome:

Budget management services/Budget Policy Advisory Services



The Local Budget Process


The Budget Execution Flow Chart


Programs/Project/Activity for 2017

Program, Projects and Activities

Program/Project/Activity/Description Performance/Output Indicator  
1. Financial Services    
Budgeting Services (1-002) ►Allocation and Utilization of funds safeguard  
A. Prepare and distribute budget preparation forms, Conduct budget forum Review and Consolidate budget proposals of different departments, Evaluate the PPMP’s and APP for Common used Supplies and Equipment, Assist the LCE during Consultation meeting with stakeholders ►Number of budget documents consolidated  
►Number of PPMP evaluated  
►Number of APP consolidated  
B.Prepare the draft of Budget Message and LEP and finalize all LBP forms into the prescribed format with all consultations and adjustments ►No. of pages LEP prepared before deadline  
►No. of LBP forms finalized before deadline  
C.Prepare the Annual and Supplemental Budgets of the LGU, Prepare and Submit summary worksheet and other required documents/plan for use of SP in the Annual Budget Review ►Annual Executive Budget Submitted before the deadline and Supplemental Budget Prepared and Submitted on time  
   D.Conduct technical review of Brgy. Annual and Supplemental Budget of 55 Barangays ►Budget reviewed  
   e. Issue review action and recommendation as guide to SP in the final review and approval of brgy. Budget ►No. of Budget documents submitted for  55 barangays  
   F.Review/Evaluate the city and barangay PPMPs, APP for common-used supplies and equipment ►PPMPs and APPs of city evaluated and reviewed  
   G 1. Shall be responsive for the preparation of Release documents (ARO) For COE and CO ►ARO released on time  
2. Certify as to availability of appropriation and allotment as to which expenditures and obligations may be properly charged ►Obligation request processed/ PR’s processed  
3. Preparation and Submission of SAAOB reports. And shall maintain a registry of RAAO MAY BE properly charged (OBRs) ►Quantity Submission of SAAOB and monthly reporting of RAAO  
   H.In coordination w/ LFC members evaluate budget performance3 of all PPAs ( financial and physical evaluation of actual results vs. target ►Quantity and Annually  
   I.As member of the BAC, perform the duties and functions required under KA 9184 ►Perform duties and function promptly  
   J.Together w/ LFC members propose corrective actions for negative deviations (financial and physical) to the LCE ►Quarterly Submission of reports  
   K. Prepare and submit periodic reports to the LCE thru LFC and to the DBM ►Periodic reports submitted to LCE and DBM  
   L.Prepare Local Budget Accountability form NO. 2 or Quarterly Financial Report of Operations ►Expenditure reports incorporated in SRE  
   M. Together with the Local Treasurer, Local Accountant yhe LBO shall prepare Local Budget Accountability forms No. 4 or statement of Receipts and Expenditures (SRE) for the year, and shall post the SRE in 3 publicly accessible conspicuous places in LGU w/in 30 days from end of fiscal year ►Expenditure reports incorporated in SRE  
   N.Submit the SRE to the DBM in 3 publicly accessible conspicuous places in LGU w/in 30 days from end of fiscal year ►SRE submitted to No. of SAAOB  
   O.Submit the RAAO and SAAOB and other required reports to COA ►RAAO submitted to COA on time  


Budget Preparation Files


Appropriation Ordinance