The City has its own government postal service. Private service providers for delivery of letters, parcels and cargos are JRS Express (which offers one-day delivery) and LBC Express. Cable television network, on the other hand, is DCTV.

There is also a wireless telephone company operating in the City which is Globe Telecommunications. Print media are also available ranging from local to national circulation.

Development Needs

Ligao City’s urban areas and adjacent barangays may be reached by telephone, especially cellular phones. However, the far flung portions of barangays, especially those in the upland and coastal areas, have difficulty in terms of cellular phone signals. The limitation in communication also constrains development and progress. Coupled with the lack or absence of power, access to technology is difficult and limited. As knowledge becomes a vital commodity, the people in Ligao should be able to access, share and obtain the necessary knowledge to help them improve their lives.

Goals and Objectives

  • To upgrade the City’s communication systems in order to provide an efficient and state-of the-art service that will link every household, business, and other key entities to the rest of the City, the country and the world.

  • To promote efficient communication systems (landlines, cellular and internet) within the city in support of its development goals; and
  • To establish knowledge and technology centers to improve access to the needed knowledge and develop themselves for the improvement of their standard of living.

  • Negotiate with private telecom providers about building facilities in the city that would cater the needs of the people in terms of communication services