The City is a trade center in the third district of Albay. Aside from its own residents, the City services the nearby municipalities of Pioduran, Tabaco, Oas and Guinobatan. Wholesalers and retailers are the most predominant commercial establishments in the City. Business activities are centered on the City Market and Central Business District in Poblacion.

There are also various other businesses such as telephone exchange centers, repair shops, printing presses, and medical, dental and optical clinics that indicate the service center role of the City. This is further reinforced by other commercial establishments such as insurance agencies, security agencies, machine shops, tailoring and dress shops, photo processing, photo studio and courier services. Further, the City has three commercial banks namely Golden 7 Bank, Land Bank of the Philippines (both located in Bagumbayan) and Philippine National Bank in Dunao.

Development Needs

The City’s CBD, where the market and church are also located, is bustling and brisk with business activities. The CBD is, however, on the verge of congestion thus the previous CLUP’s call for expansion. The City Government has thus programmed the transfer of the market to an available site nearer the Diversion Road. The realization of this will create the envisaged “sub-commercial” area. Another trend that has been observed is an emerging strip commercial development along the said road thus further expanding the City’s commercial areas. While expansion remains a thrust of the City Government, it shall also strengthen the traditional CBD to ensure that it will not become derelict due to capital flight.

Goals and Objectives

  • To solidify Ligao’s position as the trade center of the Third District.

  • To revitalize the City’s traditional commercial area; and
  • To develop new commercial areas.
  • Strategies

    • Continuous liaison with the business sector within and outside the city;
    • Seek the assistance of the DTI in investment promotion;
    • Embark on an urban renewal program; and
    • Establish new commercial areas that complement the traditional commercial areas.