Ligao City  Fiesta is held every  December 26 in honor of patron saint  of the city, St. Stephen, the Protomartyr. It falls right after Christmas  and a week before New Year. The Yuletide celebration in the city is very long. Usually  it starts on the second  week  of October  when the Patiribayan sa Ligao starts. This is the search for new talents in singing and dancing. Preparation for the festivities  starts  the first week  of September  and lasts all month long. Ligaoeños celebrate the fiesta by venerating  their patron with a nine-day novena and by enjoying several activities  such as cultural shows, parades  and street dancing  prepared by the  City Government with the help of the schools, local industries  and communities. Some Ligaoeños  from all over the country and even abroad return to LIgao , as it is  the custom of Filipinos to return to their hometown  to join their family   and friends  in the celebration  of their fiesta.