Barangay Official:
Barangay Captain: Mark Anthony C. Rempillo
Councilors: Ramil P. Austero
Armelo B. Pesino
Jesus S. Culaway
Karren B. Dolom
Gerry R. Pobar
Rio P. Oloya
Cris P. Roncesvalles
Secretary: John D. Oriel
Secretary: Ayla Carla C. Pobar
Treasurer: Marigrace P. Pucua


In the early years, Tinampo was part of Barangay Cavasi. It is a peaceful and beautiful place. Its name came from the word “tinampo” meaning concrete road in the local dialect. The concrete road was the first achievement of the barangay. It connects Tinampo with other barangays of Ligao.

The original families in the area are the Pesino, Dayandante, Peñafiel, Dolom, Povas, Alano, Ribaya, Rempis, Mesina and Pedrajeta.

A fiesta is celebrated every 20th day of May in honor of their patron Saint Bernard.

Physical Characteristics

TINAMPO belongs to the central unit barangay in the City of Ligao, 3rd District of Albay. Bounded on the East by Barangay Cavasi ; on the West by Barangay San Vicente, Oas Albay; on the North by Barangay Bongoran Oas; and on the south by Barangay Macalidong.

It has a total land area of 310.40 hectares (has). Its terrain is generally flat to rolling. It has a distance of about 4 kms from the town proper. Has a tropical climate. Heavy rainfall occurs during the months of June to November and the dry season is from the month of January to May.

The barangay is classified as lowland and has a population of 2,424 where 1253 are male and 1171 are female and has a total number of households of 545. It has an average household size of 4. Major source of livelihood is palay and vegetable farming, labor and employed.

Educational Health and Service Facilities

Tinampo has one (1) Day Care Center which are supervised by 1 skilled Day Care Worker, one (1) public elementary school which caters the primary and intermediate pupils. under the supervision of Department of Education (DepEd) schools district.

The barangay has one (1) health center manned by five (5) barangay health workers and one (1) barangay nutrition scholar assigned to take charge in the implementation and monitoring of various health programs and services such as maternal and health care which includes family planning, nutrition, and immunization of children below five (5) years old and one (1) Utility Worker. Other service facilities include Multi-Purpose Hall and Barangay Hall.

Mode of Public Transportation

In Barangay TINAMPO, the modes of transportation are Jeepney, Tricycle and motorcycle (habal-habal).

Credit Institutions

The barangay has 3 credit institutions namely CARD INC., TSPI and ORAGON Lending.

Water & Electric Supply

Twelve (12) households or 2.2% has no access to potable drinking water. Residents get their source from their own use faucet, community water system; shared faucet, community water system and Shared tube/piped deep well. Electricity for the barangay is provided by Albay Power and Energy Corporation (APEC).

Waste Management

80 households or 14.68% of the total households from the barangay is practicing burning of garbage while 161 households or 29.54% is being collected by the garbage collector from the City Government. The barangay is on its process of enhancing its capacity in implementing the RA 9003. They are on the process on implementation of various environmental ordinances as well as currently practicing the “segregation at source” and have established their own material recovery facility.

Peace and Order

There are sixteen (16) Barangay Tanods (1 male and 15 Female) appointed by the Punong Barangay who maintain the stable peace and order situation by conducting a nightly patrol.  They are receiving monthly honorarium from the barangay budget.