Majority of Ligao City’s land area are devoted to Agriculture-related industries with almost 19, 516 hectares of land allotted to crop production alone.

Among the agricultural crops, Copra is the city’s prime commodity, while Coconut topped the most widely planted perennial crop, which occupies almost 60 percent of total agricultural croplands. Next to coconut is Corn and Rice which cover about 14.56 percent and 14.33 percent of total agricultural croplands respectively. Other significant crops planted include Banana, root crops, vegetables and other industrial crops.

green project
Corn Farming Site at Oma-Oma, Ligao City
Sample harvested rice of Ligao City 

The residents of Ligao also venture into livestock and poultry raising,specifically swine, broiler chicken, and native chicken. This is based from the report of the Veterinary Section of the City Agriculture Office in 2003.

Sunrise fishing at Catburawan, Ligao City


When it comes to Fishery, most are composed of small-scale or sustenance fishermen who fish within the City’s waters. They use small fishing boats; most are non-motorized. Fishponds are also a source of livelihood for some residents in the city specifically in the barangays of Herrera, Barayong, Pinit, , Busay, and Batang.

The city has also established eight nurseries that serve as sources of Abaca, Coconut, and other agro-forestry seedlings. Nurseries are developed to produce seedlings that are readily available for farmers anytime of the year. To date, there are 22,000 abaca suckers, 270,000 agro-forestry seedlings, and 40, 832 coconut seedlings distributed.

The City Government of Ligao recognizes the need to enhance the farm equipments and post-harvest facilities in order to improve the agricultural sector. With this, the LGU-Ligao continuously conduct programs and projects for farmers by providing their farming needs as well as granting of subsidies, planting loans and technical assistance to farmers annually.


Distribution of one (1) rake, one (1) spade, and one (1) hoe to Two hundred (200) farmer-recipients of the Bottom-up Budgeting- Sustainable Livelihood Project (BuB-SLP) of LGU-Ligao.

BUB-SLP farmer beneficiaries also received one (1) head carabao, PCIC insurance premium for the carabao, and Biologics for the carabao (dewormer and vitamins) which were distributed by Ligao City Mayor Patricia Gonzalez-Alsua and Pastor Jun Prena of Local Poverty Reduction Action Team.